If you’ve been on a journey to discovering the truth of who you are and how to express that in your life and business, you’re in the right place. This is a safe haven to take a deep breath and just be... whoever you are right now in this moment. 

This experience of discovering (or rather, coming home to) our souls requires a good bit of letting go – a relinquishing of the masks that we wear every day to “survive” in the world. 

Those masks keep our true selves veiled from us and from others and are the source of so much of our unhappiness and struggle. Releasing these old identities is a necessary part of the spiritual journey, for if all we wanted were to just survive, we wouldn’t be on this journey at all! 

My Journey

I used to wear a lot of masks. They made my life look fabulous from the outside. But from the inside looking out, I was shriveling up. Around 2007, I decided to start dropping those masks and to make a bold step into an unknown future. 

Well, it wasn’t exactly unknown. I knew absolutely that I was ready for my soul to be the navigator of my life. That said, I’ve discovered that the path of spiritual self-expression is not necessarily about skipping down the lane toward nirvana! There will be some mud puddles along the way.

I also discovered that embodying our truth is an ongoing process. First, we wrangle with our spiritual awakening alone. Then it starts to become a major effort to keep it hidden from those closest to us. And eventually we realize it’s time for our inner selves to become our outer selves in all areas of our life, including our businesses. This is no doubt the scariest part of the whole process. But you don’t have to go it alone, without guidance or support.

My desire is that your experience with me through my work – whether directly together or simply through this website – will inspire you to take off whatever masks you are wearing and begin to live your life and express yourself through your work wholly as yourself.

And by that I mean the you that’s authentic, eternal, and feels like home.


And what is it like to work with me?  Amongst the many aspects of my complex, quirky, joyful self-expression you will find me to be a:

  • Soul awakener
  • Intuitive mentor 
  • Truth teller
  • Holder of sacred space for transformation
  • Spiritual guide and confidante
  • Energy reader
  • Caring and open-minded advocate
  • Brainstorming and strategy partner
  • Imperfect human
  • Sister journeyer.

I've learned to appreciate a good mud puddle and will happily splash through them with you as long as you intend to make your way to the other side!

Want to learn more about the possibility of deep diving into soul explorations and creating a soulful biz?  You can connect with me here.


Entrepreneurship has been a part of my life since I was 13 years old. My parents put everything on the line to start a business that they truly believed would bring change to the world. And it has. Their groundbreaking work in behavioral assessment and adult learning was part of a massive paradigm shift in corporate training and development during the 1970s and 80s. My brother runs this business today and it is gearing up for third generation management.

I worked with my family for nearly 20 years. During that time I witnessed my parents passion and dedication for their work, their willingness to play full out, and their absolute faith in their ability to create a successful business according to their own unique design. It made a deep and lasting impression on me. Essentially, I was raised with the belief  and the proof – that it is possible to create a thriving business when we commit to following our inner guidance.


My work draws upon the following experiences:

  • My life’s work to date (and deep personal interest) in spiritual awakening and the spiritual journey, reconnecting with our souls, conscious personal growth, human archetypes, personal mission, and the power of self-expression through entrepreneurship.
  • My 25+-year spiritual journey, including yoga (I practice kundalini yoga), meditation, and numerous studies, travels, and retreats.
  • Extensive training in transformational coaching, online business design and marketing, women's speaking, and a variety of spiritual and metaphysical modalities (the primary tools I use are listed below under "Education")
  • Nearly 20 years working in the fields of experiential learning, human behavior, and personality assessment
  • More than a decade of co-management of my family's successful small business, where I continue to serve on the Board of Directors.
  • My ongoing discoveries through a tidal wave of personal change and growth, including marriage and divorce, parenting, self-employment, radical self-acceptance, and finding new love and new ways of taking myself less seriously :-) 


Bachelor of Science, Communication Studies – Northwestern University

Certified Mastery Coach – Transformational Coaching Method
Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner
Certified WomanSpeak Circle Leader
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Hand Analyst
Certified Level 3 Reiki Practitioner


Zara Shea is a transformational coach for conscious women entrepreneurs. Her work focuses on exploring the true nature of our souls and how we free ourselves to express that truth through our businesses and our lives. Zara is an intuitive and empathic coach, mentor, and energy reader who believes that soul-centered businesses are the cornerstone of our future. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and spent nearly 20 years in the experiential learning and training & development fields. Zara is a Certified Mastery Coach and Soul Realignment practitioner, and has studied numerous entrepreneurial business systems and metaphysical modalities. She draws extensively upon her own ongoing spiritual journey as the foundation for her work with private clients and groups. Zara can be reached at zarashea.com